2-19-2015 Post 5

Sypata continues discussing fraud. Sypata disputes the accusations. She doesn’t know if Elmhurst contacted the COD two years ago concerning Valente, If they did, the message fell on deaf ears.  COD paid Valente his vacation pay.  Fraud went on for years, there was collusion, we caught it.

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David Goldberg speaks on Model U.N.  Students practice weekly on public speaking. They  traveled to Chicago to represent COD and represent Morocco and is preparing to travel to Charlotte, N.C. for the national conference

Haroun Asshan?  Explains what Model U.N. does. Haroun has been a member of COD Model U.N. for three years moving from unsure participant to president of the club. He thanks Professors Goldberg and Gergen for helping him, and every member of the club to grow as students and people.

VP of Model U.N. discusses the clubs purpose and activities.

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