2/19/15 BOT meeting Post 4

Tom Glaser –   38% improvement in gross margins at the Waterleaf.

Losses are getting better – 2013 – ($576,000);  2014 ($536,000) at Waterleaf. Seated 11574 patrons, or approximately 50 patrons a night.

Fitness Center illustrates its work

Food Service, Sodexo, discusses its operations.

Bookstore makes a lot of money

Joe Moore discusses WDCB- Reports to Joe since 2012- elephant in the room, the arrest of Valenti on fraud charges-thanks Police for their diligence in pursuing the matter

Lynn Sypata discusses the finances of the station. losses for 2014 $363,000, down from $745,000 in 2008-

Revenue for this year

Radio station fraud- uncovered in 2013- State’s Att. requested the college not go public. It was difficult to hear misstatements and not be able to respond. Responds now. Expenses were overstated for past 16 years, or 4 times the annual income for the radio station. Averages 28 k a year or 1.4% of the radio station’s budget.