2/19/15 BOT meeting post 1

Dr. Breuder is absent today or Trustee Odonnell is also absent.  Roll call made.

Pull agenda item 8d1

Approving board meeting agenda.  Passes.

Agenda related comments section:

Sonia S.  resides in naperville I oppose the reappointment of Tom Cameron and Vicki G.  Students were not helped with finding a job and the road block was put out a semester before their finishing the program.  No attempt as been made to help the students and help them find a program that can finish their programs.

Laura — I am asking this board why you approved charging the tax payers to pay for construction bonds twice.  Enrollment is still down from 2003.  If you want enrollment to increase, decrease tuition rates.  Why was the 2.1 million dollars paid for water statues?  How many students could have attended with that money?

Adam Andrzejewski — internal auditors report . Asking for a tuition cut.  We would have paid Breuder 4.4 million for 7 years.  Restaurant costs, Cut tuition.  In Dec.  Your radio station audit was clean.  the chief of elmhurst college warned COD about him.  Joe Moore signed off on the Valenta invoice.  Paid him 1.1 million.  Padded his pension.  It has no accounting control.  Asking you to resign.

Dan Bailey — Bottom line candidate for COD trustees.  Harper college sent Breuder to us.  To pretend now that this was all an unavoidable to contract problem.  I will as a new trustee, move that we have an investigation on the breuder contract.  3rd.  Investigate radio station, 4th investigate other  5th detailed rationale for keeping 180 million in reserve and 6th no bid contracts.

Jan Shaw – pledge of allegiance.  talk about meeting minutes.  approval the meeting minutes.  January minutes are inaccurate.  Dec. meeting are inaccurate based on what she said then.  Dupagewatchdog.org  video has the minutes.  Would like minutes to be accurate.

Bob B. $762,000 — cannot blame someone else when you approved the contract extensions.

Jeanne Ives filed a amendment to HR55 resolutions is i committee ready to be heard.  Would like auditor general to begin the audit of the finances.  Wondering whether the board is meeting its fiduciary responsibility to the college.  We are asking the state to get involved in this audit from the auditor general.  You can use the 180 million in reserve to pay for auditor

Paul R. — the lightening rod has been sidelined.  let’s focus on the board performance.  Why don’t you ask questions of administration duties.  Chair’s removal of Kathy Ham form audit committee, only CPA.  Let’s assess that the board to any action against regarding , Glen Ellyn issues, president contract, building contracts, imprest account expenses.  You never seem interested in monitoring the money trail on no bid contracts.  you seem to have a lack of curiosity on this issues, addressing board.