2/19/15 BOT meeting post 2


John Kraft – about miss Shaw’s questions in the minutes.  Why isn’t Trustee Maguire’s speech in the minutes.  Trustee Macguire still owes us an apology.  Contract bids and no bid contracts o being open to public because bank manager was on the board.

Matthew Tarco  — Sent several FOIA requests and wondered why he didn’t get those requests.  Calling for Macguire and savage (for defending) to resign for making nazi comments about people asking questions about the board decisions.  Reading COD discrimination policy.  He has talk with anti-defamation league.  Sociopathic  cult of personality for breuder

Kirk Allen – Edgarcounty watchdogs — public records no being accurate.  Informing you about FOIAs and a summary f Dr. Breuders other contractual services, $1173.  Paired with a FOIA for the Siefert law firm.  We reimbursed him $1173 was actually for personal legal advice.  Your FOIA officers play checkers, I play chess.

Roger Kempa – formal request to defer any decision on tuition and fees so that we can look at enrollment data.  Disproportion increase for in district students.  In dis – up 30% out of district up 10%  COD is not the only community college with a Moody Aaa rating.  Having no reason for having 97% of college budget to – going to put in a class action lawsuit  because of it.


Blake Walter – Learning resources Associate Dean  – Offer a brief testimony of why I love these new board meeting where public forums are allowed and discussion is moved.  It is how America works.  I have been delighted by working in this new environment.  These have helped me see what it is like to work in a community college.  When I worked as Northern Seminary I came to realize there is problem in higher education.  I came to see that community colleges are for the local community to help educate and assist citizens in building careers.


Kathy Hamilton – internal audit and tuition.  John Valenta was arrested today for stealing money.  Paid for an audit for his actions and then buried the audit.  Wasted taxpayers money for hiding things from taxpayers.  You fought so hard to hide so much and you had started a new fight so you are fighting over the books.  The documents should never go to openthebooks.  Tuition — have raised tuition and property taxes you cannot wash it out.  you cannot just because the elections are coming up. Are you embarrassed?  I am.  Tribune has called for mass resignation.