4/21 BoT Regular Meeting Post 4

Discussion of reestablishing the BTW continues.

Mazzochi-Currently on the table is Trustee Olsen’s amendment about striking language.


No — McGuire, Napolitano, Wozniak, Mazzochi.

Yes — Bernstein, Olsen, Escamilla.

Motion fails.

Roll: (on the substitution supplied by Bernstein)

Escamilla abstain

Yes — Bernstein, McGuire, Napolitano, Olsen, Wozniak

Motion passes.

7. Request for approval — retention of Clifton, Laren Allen to provide external audit services.

Public comment — only 2 minutes due to the late hour.

All public speakers pass due to the late hour.

Trustee Discussion — none

Moves to go into closed session.

Vote: all trustees vote yes.

Closed session begins.

Blogging is now over for the night.