5/2 BoT Special Meeting Post 2

Meeting is called back at 8:52 by Chair Mazzochi.

All trustees present.

Entertain a motion to return to Open Session.

Item 6– For approval, President for COD.

Vice-Chairman Olsen speaks about the importance of the decision — choosing a new president. Acknowledges questions about the process and says he had some too. But it is too important to delay selecting a leader to take the College forward. If there were no qualified candidates, it would be possible to wait. But the Presidential Search Committee did find three qualified and excellent candidates.

Notes that there was chance for the college community and the public at large to ask questions and listen to the candidate.

Affordable, accessible education for the community. Individual to recognize the stakeholders and to lead the college to a better tomorrow. A visionary leader and a humble listener. I believe we have found a candidate with all the qualities.

Dr. Rondeau is such a candidate.

Motions to appoint Dr. Rondeau for the COD president.

Bernstein — seconds. Dr. Rondeau has been in an situation where she needed to turn around an institution where the stakes could not be higher. Reads from a statement from Admiral Mullins that describe her work in the Navy.  Discusses his confidence that she will be a listener.

Chair Mazzochi asks for Trustee comments.

Trustee Napolitano — was on the Search Committee. Notes that Dr. Ann Rondeau stood out for him throughout the entire process.

Trustee Birt — Comments on the process. I appreciate the amount of input from the public and understand the amount of work the Trustees have put in. Thank you for sharing all the information. I had family reasons for not being able to attend the recent meetings.

Wozniak- present

Birt -abstain

McGuire – Present

Chair Mazzochi — reads from the public feedback –overwhelming positive support for Dr. Rondeau. “She understands how COD has lost its way – her plan was the most practical of all candidates. Out of the box thinking. Willingness to make changes. She won’t squash good ideas. Calm but firm demeanor. Her idea of covenant leadership has been missing from COD for a long time. She understands that she needs to help those under her do their best. I liked her statement that a community college has an intimate relationship with  its community. She will put the institution before herself.”

I thank our community and vote yes. The motion passes.

Concent judgement in Berlin vs. BoT – COD District 502.

McGuire — The complaint voids nothing. Nothing changes as the result of this complaint. Our Counsel should have been vigorously defended. I will be voting no.

Escamilla- Abstain

Wozniak -no

Birt -no

McGuire – no

Mazzochi- yes

Napolitano — yes

Bernstein — yes

Motion passes.

Chair Mazzochi-  Thanks to the search committee who gave us your thoughts, hard work and dedication. I am excited that on the cusp of our 50th year we have the chance to once again show the community that we are the premier institution of higher education in DuPage County and beyond.

Motion to adjourn: Moved, seconded.

Motion passes.

9:10 Meeting is adjourned.