5/21 Regular BOT Meeting – Post 10

Item 7.C.2

[Pretty much the same discussion as 7.C.1]

Hamilton: Any more comments?

Roark: , McGuire: yes, Napolitano: yes, Wozniak: yes, Bernstein: yes, Birt: no, Mazzochi: yes, Hamilton: yes.

Hamliton: Motion for change order on the donor wall in the SRC.

McGuire: The donor wall in place in the Mac.

Brod: This is for all the donors.

McGuire: Was it from Herricane Grpahics?

Brod: Completely differnet firm. They specialize in donor walls. It’s all they do.

Mazzochi: Why so many change orders?

Brod: More donors from the time we started the project to the time we implemented.

Mazzochi: But this is for the Foundation.

Brod: it’s shared and we came well under budget. This was competitively bid. We picked the 2nd lowest bidder who seemed to understand the concept of what we wanted.

Mazzochi: Do we have a copy of that?

Brod: Bruce [Schmiedl] would have that.

Mazzochi: Why isn’t this paid by the Foundation?

Brod: It is.

Mazzochi: Why is this coming before us?

Brod: Good question.

Mazzochi: it’s not our expense.

Brod: it is your project.

Napolitano: We’re not paying for it.

Brod: You’re paying for some of it. We’re paying for the change orders.

Hamilton: We should not vote on it.

Roark: no, Mazzochi: no, Birt: no, Wozniak: no, Bernstein: yes, Napolitano: no, McGuire: no, Hamilton: no.

Motion fails.

Item 7.D

McGuire: we saved #3.3 mil, this should be front page for the reporters in the room.

Mazzochi: we are just saying, these are the numbers.