5/21 Regular BOT Meeting – Post 12


Student trustee Roarke asks the conditions of reimbursement over $300.

McGuire: you’re not taking a position of no limitation.

Hamilton: no.

McGuire: I think entertainment has to go.

Hamilton: I don’t care.

Mazzocchi: I think the concern that entertainment was being reimbursement.

McGuire: like what.

Mazzocchi: well, dinners at Waterleaf.

McGuire: but when we go to DC, we attend awards ceremonies, that includes some entertainment.

Hamilton: we don’t reimburse for entertainment anyway.

Wozniak: whose idea was it to put entertainment in there?

Hamilton: I don’t think it matters.

Wozniak: I’ve been on the board for 8 years and that’s never been a problem.

[Several speaking at once on changing language]

McGuire: what is your intent with this?

Mazzocchi: if we know what we want to go, it should come to the BOT for approval.

McGuire: there should be accountability, we need to bring stuff back.

Hamilton: if the expenses are reasonable and warranted, then, it’s permissible.


Roarke: will the chair or vice-chair hold office hours.

Hamilton: each trustee will determine that for themselves.

Roark: the current office of the BOT but, unfortunately, it’s the PLR and I’m wondering if they have enough space.

Hamilton: they were already going to move downstairs. We got their hand-me-downs.

Collins: yes, we had already planned to put them closer to Student Life.

Attorney will read in the record the changes made.

Motion passes on all policy changes.


Mazzocchi: I just want to go on record is that if we vote in aggregates, I am going to vote no, but if we voted separately, I would vote in favor of Schiff Hardin.

Hamilton: we can go ahead and vote for these bills even though they are liabilities we took on without knowing.

Mazzocchi: I am not voting for Franczet Radelet because of Res Publica and I object to the way the other one was retained.

Motion to approve legal invoices passes, only Mazzocchivotes no.

8.B.3 was taken off the agenda


No discussion

Attorney: we have three vendors and the board needs to pick one.

Mazzocchi: I would go with Global.

Napolitano: Global was lowest overall cost. I concur on that.

Motion passes.

9. Public comments

Kirk Allen: goes over Eugene Refakes , and receipts being used for reimbursement. We should look at receipts submitted by┬ádr Breuder. I believe the college paid taxes on those. I raised the question of guns. Mr Brady is gone but is he buying used or new guns? Does he know? Mr Elliott, you are the first attorney who understands what an abstention means. That’s all I have. Have a good night.

Hamilton: I have no announcements except the dates.

Napolitano: when will trustees be able to add to the agenda. Let’s bring back trustee discussion.

McGuire: trustee Wozniak has something he’d like to share with the BOT

Wozniak: I am getting an award from ICCTA, on June 5th, in Schaumburg. I have the letter here.

Motion to adjourn.