6/11 Special BOT Meeting – 10

Item #25

Mazzochi: last month, comments were made about the quality of the soccer fields. I hope somebody is looking into that.

Hamilton: for the record, one of the trustees raised about Mr Robling (??) who is donating his time at the transition team. He’s earning a small amount of money which he gives back to the college. So, he’s working for free. He was not my campaign manager, as I was not running for office at the last election.

Napolitano: regarding the sign-up sheet for comments. We discussed having a check box for people who are requesting action / feedback. That still has not been done. I would hope feedback could be put on the website.

Collins: we’ll have that at the next meeting.

Hamilton: Mr Wozniak, did you want to talk about the team-building we talked about yesterday?

Wozniak: we talked about working together at a soup kitchen in Aurora. I go sometimes with my church. We would go and help out for a few hours. That might be a good idea for all of us.

Napolitano: I support that.

Hamilton: it’s a wonderful idea. Let’s schedule it. Thank you very much.

Ham: trustee McGuire, we also discussed reimbursement.

Attorney: on April 30th, the board voted to suspend trustee reimbursement. Trustees Roark and McGuire raised issues. It was agreed that the Board would revisit that. Trustee McGuire was under the impression that ICCA mandates some reimbursement. I confirmed that, for instance, mileage, at minimum.

McGuire: as trustees, we have to be ambassadors for the college, attendance at chamber of commerce in Naperville.

Ham: I would like to say that the public dime is not a spigot. I don’t think it’s fair to go to an event, and then, turn in expenses, there’s nothing in the CC Act that mandates that.

McGuire: how do you define that? In the past, if it were presented with expense reports.

Hamilton: you need to ask in advance. You don’t go and turn in expenses. You ask and explain if it’s relevant to board activities.

McGuire: we’re going to have conversations about membership in organizations such as ICCTA. I know chairman Ham has strong feelings about that. I ┬áthink these organizations have value. I think the HLC might ask how we educate trustees. These organizations provide a broader vision of what it means to be a trustee.

Nap: [to the attorney] is it required by the ICCAct.

Attorney: based on my view, I struggle to understand how mileage might not be included.

Napolitano: We, as trustees, we don’t have to expense. As individuals, we’re not going to be reimbursed if we don’t submit receipts, which I don’t intend to do.

Hamilton: it’s personal choice. Some people think donating their time and energy… some people do that .This board is required to reimburse mileage, but not going to political dinners, or spending money on paper clips, and especially travel, if there is no benefit tied to the Board, the public should not be paying for it.

Attorney: are you directing me to do anything?

Hamilton: I am not. I think everyone has had their say.

Meeting adjourned.