6/11 Special BOT Meeting – 9

Break for 15 minutes.

Item #19 – for information only, wine expenditures for Waterleaf.

McGuire: is the variance the correct figure for this one?

Jean Kartje: This is the correct one.

Napolitano: [reiterates that the item was not bid] This is not only for Waterleaf?

Jean Kartje: It will be for anything.

Item #20 – CurricUnet

Moved and seconded.

No discussion.

Roll call: all yes

Item #21 – ProQuest for the Library

Moved and seconded.

McGuire: It was a new thing to me when I became a trustee, everyone in the community can use the Library.

Roll call: all yes.

Item #22 – Daily Herald advertising campaign

Moved and seconded.

Bernstein: tracking error lead to overspending $6300. I thought the software would not allow to spend beyond the budget.

Joe Moore: I’m going to ask Joy Mortenson (???) to answer that.

Joy Mortenson: I was working off the wrong numbers. I should have double checked that, as it was my error. When we booked the ads, I did not have the budget for that.

roll call: all yes.

Item #23 – Public comments

Kirk Allen: I’m amazed. Ms Birt, I appreciate you would have liked to see a couple more proposals. Where was that concern for Res Publica. Had this diligence applied then, we would not have that situation. Ms McGuire, you acknowledge 5 months of violation of the policy. Policies are there for a reason. What about the audit? I commend the president for putting the officers on leave. You’re fired when you do that kind of stuff. I have not found anything about it, That is a concern. The justification that it’s only 5 months. It’s a policy. It’s not okay because of the return you’re getting. I believe there’s a violation of the Public funds investment Act. If it’s not true, you should resign.

Laura Reigel: I do agree with what Kirk Allen said. I’m gonna ask a few questions. With Datatel, I’d like to see the original contract. When there is a $500,000 expense, there may be changes included in the original contract. But there are now people being brought on site, with lodging, food, and cars. When we enter such large contract, that the Board had discussions about these contracts, rather than just these contracts been thrown at the board, rather than staff giving presentations. I have been asking for this for almost a year. This has not been made very clear. It appears that they started in 2009. The financial mechanisms make it look like they started before and the people who voted for that, Mr Wozniak, should have known that the information was not correct. I am concerned that the questions are not answered.

Roger Kempa: Much of this is for Trustee McGuire. There was a reason why I mentioned the trust funds, the Act has a special category of investments. According to the law, if you are going to buy it,m you have to appear before the Board and the Board puts a limit. Regarding the money market rates, it’s interesting IMET, they were presented with forgery and fraud, but nothing they really did. The reason for pulling money out there was political. But 5% is 5% and policies are meant to be followed.