8/20 introduction of transition team

Names and bios were read out. Areas of focus include governance, education, HR, climate, facilities, capital plan. Chair of education committee will be Glenn Hansen.

Chair, Don Haider, spoke about the wide range of backgrounds on the team. All come with commitment to serve the trustees and President Collins. Hope to be brief and to be gone – done by mid-October. This is an opportune time for the 2016 update to strategic plan. Look at how the plan is progressing, look at comparison institutions and best practices. Help BOT to make better informed decisions. Asked BOT if they have questions or comments for the team.

Hamilton: communication through phone list, email list, informal meetings.

Haider: will be communicating throughout

Roark: will you be working with students?

Haider: there will be a committee that includes students

Hamilton: if anyone is interested in a particular area, should let Haider know

Haider: complimented Hamilton on her infectious spirit and leadership to move the college forward

Hamilton: “I can’t wait”