8/20 #9 action to retain new counsel

Mazzochi read out lengthy recommendation naming specific firms and referencing firms that would no longer be retained.

McGuire and Wozniak state objections to the motion and say they will vote no. McGuire says that there are complaints made against two of the attorneys to the Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission and they are being investigated.

Hamilton consults with attorney who leaves the table briefly to talk with someone else.

Mazzochi states that McGuire herself filed frivolous complaints in order to further her own political positioning here. Violated confidentiality provisions.

The two attorneys named by McGuire responded at the podium.

Mr. Elliott says that “a child with a crayon” can write a letter to the committee, and a letter does not start an investigation.

Consella also states that the letter written about him by McGuire is baseless and frivolous. There will be no action taken by the Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission.

Motion passes 4-2. (Birt is not present, so only 6 trustees are voting tonight.)