BOT 10/22/2015 Agenda #14-16

14. Bell CDL – Asset Transfer/Capital Purchase
15. Trustee Expense Reimbursements
16. McAninch Arts Center Signage

#14 – brief exchange with administrator about valuing of large equipment and projection of numbers of students to be served through program expansion. Passes.

#15 – Trustee Wozniak asks why vote on this, never voted on mileage before. Chair Hamilton responds that transparency is the issue. Wozniak responds that as a taxpayer, people should be worried about large amounts of money, not small amounts. Bernstein replies that the monetary amounts are not material, it’s the visibility of the board because of the times we are in. Trustee Mazzochi says she does not necessarily support all of the reimbursements because they seem optional. Chair Hamilton says it should be considered to set a threshold rather than looking at picayune amounts.

Motion passes. Mazzochi votes no.

#16 – Mazzochi says that no renderings were provided. Asks where it goes. Responding admin says that it will go on a “bland” area of concrete. Goal is to reinforce the brand for the Mac in the arts. Only two bids came of an RFP sent to 17 companies.

Motion fails with Hamilton, Napolitano, and Mazzochi voting no.