Bot March 19 Mtng Post 4

Roger Kempa- Your audit firm has already been on board for 6 years. It’s time for a rotation. I want to talk about minutes — the last Bot meeting — I said there is not adequate information to speak about tuition and fees so I recommend you table that.  That’s what I said. But there seems to be a lot of problems with the minutes.

Going back to April 16 2009  BoT meeting — when you discussed the amendment to Brueder’s contract.  Absent was Trustee Wessel, however she had a comment. She said she regretted not being able to attend, but she asked that the item be removed from the agenda. Because of this history it would be incorrect for the current Bot to act on this.

Glenn Hansen, President COD Faculty Association

Good evening, I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Faculty Senate. Tonight, I will address item 9.B.3

I seriously considered not speaking tonight because you don’t comprehend anything I say. I have never expected a trustee to be anything but a critical thinker, exactly what we expect of our students.  You’ve failed, beyond what anyone would think capable.

Last week, I sent an email to all of you stating that faculty believed you should put Robert Breuder on paid administrative leave while you investigated the accusations your constituents are making. You only had to read your own policies to consider his responsibility to protect the image of the College to find justification. You have suspended other employees for far less.  But, your response was silence; Thank you, that is what I had hoped for.

Tonight, you will hire a public image firm that has been hired and is working for one of your law firms to manage the mess you created.  Is this out of sequence, or is it a case of “who’s on first”? This is the same PR firm, hired by the Carlin and McKinnon to manage the crisis resulting from the Carlin/McKinnon coup of Memorial Day 2008. That was the College take over that resulted in hiring of Dr. Breuder after they fired Dr. Chand.

At that time the Board at least hired the Res Publica Group before they created the crisis. Tonight, you are hiring them a year too late. I seriously don’t think they can protect you from yourselves. We would not be here if you would have done the easy and right thing in June, instead you continue to make everything worse. Or did you intentionally bring this down on COD?

Tonight. Go into closed session, read The Emperor’s New Clothes (it’s free online), come out, and vote to end this tonight. Anything less is another misstep that will hurt everyone. Accept ownership of your failures.

Richard Jarman, Vice President CODFA  08B1 A Regular BoT Minutes

Agenda item 08.B.1)a Regular Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2015

I am coming before you to request the minutes from last month’s meeting be amended to represent my statement accurately and completely. Currently it reads, “Richard Jarman spoke regarding the naming of the HEC Building.”

I request that my complete statement, entitled “Resolution to rescind naming of the HEC building,” be entered into the minutes in its entirety. I note that you have the full statement as I sent it via email. It consists of one paragraph, two sentences and 63 words. It is not burdensome.

Before you tell me that it is not the practice of the board to publish full texts I can point to a couple of precedents from past board packets. In the June 2013 packet, minutes of the May BoT meeting, under the comments from employees, appears a lengthy piece from Mr. Dusik – some 597 words. In the May 16 packet, minutes of the April BoT meeting, an even lengthier testimonial regarding the presentation of the Presidential Medal to outgoing Chair Carlin, which runs to over 1300 words. Admittedly it is not in the comments section but nonetheless demonstrates that the publication of full transcripts is possible.

A cynic might conclude that only statements that cast the board and or the president in a favorable light are included while those that might present a more critical view – witness the words “vote of no confidence” not appearing in the minutes originally.

The minutes are a record for history, long after the video tapes have been erased and the memories of the witnesses faded. Therefore I find it important that they be complete and accurate.

End of public comments related to the agenda.

Chair Birt asks for items from the consent agenda to be removed.

Trustee Hamilton asks for the following:

8A3, AB and C;   8B2, A and B.

Birt asks for motion to approve all other. Motion by Svoboda, seconded by O Donnell

Secretary reads items from the consent agenda.

Roll call for the consent agenda- unanimous approval.

Entertain a motion to approve 8 A 3, B and C

Trustee Hamilton– these items are entitled financial statements and given this college’s recent history of reporting fraud waste and abuse — we cannot approve these items until we fix these problems.

All trustees approve these items except Hamilton. Motion passes.

8 B2– This section is entitled financial reports. It has within it the very famous imprest accounts. The BoT has refused to codify its disclosure of items in this account. It’s being displayed in this report without any kind of policy back-up. This financial process has resulted in fraud, waste and abuse. The BoT is in complete denial and refuse to take seriously of an audit committee that is brought up to best practice. There is no reason for our taxpayers to settle for anything less than the best.

Trustee Savage: Are there any areas of fraud, waste and abuse in this month’s report?

TRustee Hamilton: I’ve made my statement.

Hamilton: It’s not up to best practices.

Svoboda– We do have an audit committee.

Hamilton: That committee does not come up to best practices.

Wozniak — I would also like to ask what specific item she is referring to.

Hamilton: A year ago I handed everyone on this Bot a blue booklet explaining what would be best practices for thie Board.

Hamilton: I am referring to the financials Joe.

McGuire– what examples of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Hamilton: My suggestion is to take out the newspaper.

McGuire: What examples do you have? There aren’t any this month.

Hamilton: I do not have faith in our system and therefore I am not voting for these reports. Read the papers.

McGuire: This is the same problem at the last meeting when you said hte minutes were not right but you did not have one example.

Hamilton: There is a process.

Hamilton: The specific is the process itself.

Roll call on these items: All vote yes except Trustee Hamilton.