BoT Meeting March 19 Post 5

Report from Student Trustee– reports on latest events. Our presentation: AT COD we offer our students carrer opportunities

150 academic internships created last year for our students. I have invited students to come and talk about them.

Student intern at Walt Disney World talks about her experience. Was a character performance —

Josh ShweizerРCriminal JusticeРassigned to general investigations unit of the Cook County Attorney General. Will begin another internship with the Postal Service unit.  Thanks Professor Theo Darden and other staff who have helped him.

Brook Jerkoviah– 3 plus 1 program with Roosevelt in Hospitality Program. Got experience at the inn at Water’s Edge on campus. Notes a class with Professor Leone that brought her connections for further internships. The staff, professor and teachers have been wonderful and have brought real world experience with them. I stand before you as accomplished student and chef.

Birt asks for comments.

Trustee Svoboda declares her pride in the students. Notes that she started out with an internship at COD and then went on to being a faculty member for 30 years.

Trustee Savage– I want to thank you sharing you experiences. Student success is what we are about.

Student Trustee Escamilla thanks Steve Gustis and Sara Kirby from Career Services.

Chair Birt thanks Trustee Svoboda for initiating the student presentation part of the agenda.

The Bot Meeting goes into a brief break.