BOT Meeting 7/16 Post 4

New Amended Board Policies

10-45 Interfund Transfers–prevents unauthorized transfers such as those used to make the postcard campaign of MArch 2015.

10-65 Venfor Payments — improved COD transparency. requires the College to provide the Board a listing of all payments the College receives. Accessible to the public. This effectively ends the imprest account problem.  We will not see expenses like those we saw made to the Max McGraw Foundation. We are committed to opening the college to all.

5-220  Audit Committee. This is what I proposed to Jeanne Ives in Springfield. We are ahead of the General Assembly by putting this on the books. With this Audit Committee there would be no disasters such as the WDCB scandal. Members of this college and community can let the committee know what this college is doing.  It is nearly impossible to now how much we have lost at the Waterleaf. It might be twice as much as the 1.5 million dollars the administration is reporting. With an audit committee this will not happen. With this committee all expenses will be transparent.

Birt: Let the public know first that this is a first reading so the public knows that.

Hamilton: For information: Item 10. A-F For information only. There is no vote associated with these items. Does any trustee wish to hear comments from the Administration on these items.

Bernstein: Questions about the amount listed for the Buffalo Theater Ensemble. How did this come to be since we no longer have the ensemble?

(laughter in the audience) Kathy —  is this something that you can address?

Catherine Brod: There is still a donor fun. This will be used for other kinds of MAC activities related to the theater department.

Bernstein: Are there other situations where the fund donation line no longer exists?

Brod: Not that I know about. This is about the donor’s intention.

Hamilton: Is the donor aware that the money is no longer going to the Buffalo group?

Brod; Yes.

MOTION TO Approve the interim Management Services

Bernstein: At the last BOT meeting we approved the Surety bond– the cost was 70 cents per 1,000 dollars of coverage. Here this says — a dollar. Where did the other 30 cents come in?

Attorney: The bond that we approved had not gone through all the levels of underwriting. This is an interim fund only as our treasurer is on leave. We got two other offers at 1.30 per thousand. Liberty at 1 dollar per thousand. Liberty had advantages. We needed to have security in place for the time when either Glaser returns or a new treasurer is installed.

Hamilton: Would the secretary call the roll?

Birt abstains. All others approve.

Closed session for approximately one hour.

Calls from the audience– for the purpose of?

Attorney: Appointment/compensation/Dismissal of employees/Negotiating matters between the public body and its employees/litigation discussion of minutes of closed session.

Vote: All trustees vote yes.