BOT Mtng 7/16 Post 5

BOT meeting reconvened.

Motion to reconvene. Moved by Mazzochi and seconded by Napolitano.

Chair Hamilton calls for a motion to approve Item 13 A  June 25th regular BoT minutes

Birt abstains, all others vote yes.

Hamilton calls for motion to approve Item 13 B approval of minutes of June 25th closed session.

No discussion. Roll call. Birt abstains, all others vote yes.

Motion passes.

Item 14 — ratification of certain personnel actions to be entertained by the College.

Moved by Mazzochi. Seconded by Napolitano.

Roll call.  All vote yes. Motion passes.

Item 15. Ratification of Construction Change Orders.

Moved by Mazzochi. Seconded by Bernstein.

No discussion. Roll call. All vote yes. Motion passes.

Item 16. Ratification of Consortium Purchases, Moved by Bernstein. Seconded by Napolitano.

Trustee Mazzochi would like to hear discussion of Item 16 by management. Chair Hamilton calls for someone from management to answer questions. President Collins asks VPAA Kartje is there is anybody who can address the questions.

Collins asks what the question is.

Mazzochi: Normally if you are going to a gun range you supply your own ammunition. So I am wondering why we buy live ammunition.

Collins: We buy the ammunition for SLEA and we buy it in bulk. I am guessing this is for SLEA and for the new building.

Napolitano: Let’s table it until we don’t have to guess.

Mazzochi- moves to table it until the next regular BoT meeting.

No discussion on tabling the issue.  All trustees vote to table. Motion passes.

Item 17 — Ratification of interpreting services for the hearing impaired.

Motion to approve — Mazzochi, seconded by Bernstein.

No comment solicited from management. No discussion. Mazzochi states she appreciates the bid information presented in the packet and therefore it is clear it was an appropriate process.

Roll call: Unanimous yes. Motion passes.

Item 18 -Ratification of campus-wide exterior Security Camera Plan.

Moved by Mazzochi. Seconded by Napolitano.

Does any Trustee want to hear from management on this item?

Napolitano: Yes.

Jim Ma comes to the podium.

Napolitano” It seems that between E-lert and Guidepost– they were almost the same. They differed only in Evaluation of Project Team. It says that the quotes were comparable but we don’t see the quotes. What was the difference between the two?

Jim Ma: The whole thing was evaluated by Police, IT, six indiviudals in total. We all scored them and tally the results. In my opinion, E-lert is a bigger company than Guidpost, which only has three ??? people in the Chicago area.

Napolitano: But what was the financial difference?

Jim Ma:  We wanted the company to come in an present to us. We talked to them, they gave us a price of 32,000. That was a comparable price.

Napolitano: After they do the work and tell us how many external cameras we need, are they going to do the work?

Jim Ma: No, it will be another open, competitive process.

Napolitano: Will they also be making network recommendations.

Jim MA: Yes. The camera is now all digital, not analog, and so they will make the network recommendation as part of that.

Hamilton: Trustee discussion of this item?

Roll call: Unanimous. Yes. Motion passes.

Item 19: Trustee Discussion Chair Hamilton calls for any trustee discussion.

Mazzochi: General comments. I’m a lawyer and so sometimes I can speak for quite a bit. Regarding the new policies. I’m in favor, but I want to hear the public input on them because they are intended to provide transparency and make sure that Board policy is followed. I know that in the past Mr. Wozniak was going to try to get a day going where all of the BoT members would go work at a charitable organization. I thought it was a good idea.

Wozniak: I asked Chair Hamilton to find out what support there is. If there is another support I can go ahead and figure it out.

Hamilton: Let’s talk about it. I would be interested. I would like the experience of working in a soup kitchen.

Napolitano: I volunteer at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Birt: Joe I think it’s a nice idea.

Bernstein: Yes.

Student Trustee Roark: I do love service projects.

Hamilton: So JOe you have your mandate right now to organize something. Should we pick a SAturday?

Mazzochi: Joe can pick some dates and find out when it would be most useful.

Hamilton: Can you bring some dates for the next meeting.

Hamilton: Anything further?

Mazzochi: For Trustee Birt — Kim Savage said recently that she was instructed that all of her campaign materials had to be reviewed by the people at COD. Was that a policy that you instructed her to do?

Birt: I can’t speak for Kim Savage. I wouldn’t create policy on my own. You’d have to ask her.

Mazzochi: No I’m asking you if you created a policy to have these materials reviewed.

Birt: I answered your question. My answer is no. I wouldn’t tell someone that they have to do something.

Mazzochi: Did you suggest it?

Birt: No. I stayed out of the campaign process. I didn’t talk to any of you about your campaigns.Mazzochi: She also suggested that Rez Vazquez was serving as her attorney in that capacity?

Birt: You are asking the wrong person. ASk Kim Savage. If she felt someone was acting as her personal attorney, she would have to tell you. Of course not. You’re not even making sense. Talk to Kim Savage. Don’t waste our time at a Board meeting.

Mazzochi: I thought you would have knowledge if what she was saying is in fact true. You are the one who hired Res Publica.  I want people to know that there was some question about why we would have an RFQ process. And why we would have an RFQ and and RFP process. I would hope we can have broader base of experience that the college can talk to. More than one attorney, or even a panel of attorneys that we can talk to. That’s my experience in the private sector.  What we’ve had in the past led to somewhat insular perspective. I think we need to get the perspective of more than one attorney from the community, which will help us in our decision-mking process. One more thing– Trustee Birt, at the beginning of the meeting you complained about the quality of the agenda. You complained that there wasn’t enough information on the packet today. Your complaining today doesn’t match your record


You didn’t inform the public of when Dr. Brueder was getting his contract extensions. You issed faulty agendas regarding the Breuder severance package, at least twice. You’ve had a faculty Vote of no confidence which never actually made it to the agenda. You are  coming in to snipe but your record on this isn’t good.  You talked about extravagant legal bills — to the extent that the current BoT is experiencing legal costs, it is because of what happened under your watch.  It is not extravagetnt to have our attorney review our agenda in a timely manner and making sure we are in complaicne. Your failures are what is costing the public tens of thousands of dollars.

Birt: Well you’ve just spent ten minutes on your political speech. Regarding transparency I have comments as well.

Birt: Previously I raised questions about the hiring of an employee here. And today I talked to PResident Collins. I want to renew  my question about the hiring of your assistnat Chris Robling. How much is he being paid? He sat in our closed session today.  It is odd for a Board to have an employee sit in a closed session when we know nothing about his employment.  We need to know who we are dealing with. What’s his role? Why is he sitting in on closed sessions?

Mazzochi: You are abusing the closed session process. You are completely misrepresenting the closed session process.

Hamilton: We’ve told you what his title is and what his job definition is. He is with the Human Resources department.

Birt: Maybe Linda can read to us his job description.

Trustee Roark: How can we get a list of Board meetings sooner than we’re getting them?

Hamilton: They are scheduled in advance. But we are in a period where we are having special meetings and they come up suddenly.