BOT meeting, April 7, 2016 – #11 BTE discussion

Bernstein states he is in favor of reinstating BTE. Wants to explore how community support can be turned into tangible support like season tickets, demonstrate its foundation in the community.

Birt supportive of BTE. Resolution should be prepared not just by board member but also by those who would oversee the company.

McGuire supports overall, wants to be clear about salary expenses. Concerned about small number of tickets per show. Wants to see higher attendance numbers.

Diana Martinez comes to podium, comments on trustee questions, explains pledges of support that have been made so far in short timeframe, under a lot of doubt about whether there is actually a program in place.

Napolitano also supports with a couple of caveats. Wants to ensure the program is very student-focused. Compares with new program at Waterleaf – should be tied to academics and student participation. Set bar higher on tickets per show and season tickets. Needs support at box office, not just on petition.

Olsen raises issue of how revenue would be balanced if predictions fall short. Comments on the extensive community support across district.

Wozniak definitely in support of BTE, good work and good performances. Has had classes with Amelia and Connie.

Mazzochi asks if the MAC would be using the Playhouse Theater for any other shows, or if it’s otherwise empty space. Martinez replies that mostly otherwise empty space although she has a few other programs in mind. Mazzochi asks if there are other resident ensembles that will be coming to the BOT for funding. Martinez responds that choral, jazz, and opera theater may also become involved. There is some discussion about comparisons of costs as well as community support, exchange between Bernstein and Martinez. Martinez, “people love the arts.” Mazzochi says we should have a set budget amount or that we have certain threshold amounts or standards, can’t play favorites. Napolitano says academic results and student involvement are central concerns.