BOT meeting, April 7, 2016 – Agenda items 12-16

#12 reallocation of universal fees passes unanimously without discussion.

#13 SRC rotunda ceiling, Mazzochi asks for management to discuss. Why was only one bid received? Schmeidle responds, other firms were not able to meet scope of work or timeline. Bidder came in under estimate, seems well qualified according to our consultant. Installation is specialized. Consultant does not have prior relationship with bidding firm. Napolitano very uncomfortable because no competitive bids. There is no safety issue; the problem is very disturbing noise in the circulation/reference area, as well as confidentiality of conversations as materials are checked out. Work should be done during summer session, don’t want to miss the time window – work can only be done during a college session break. Olsen speaks in favor of the project based on it being under budget. Napolitano states that he would be more comfortable if the BOT had checked references. He votes no along with Mazzochi, all others vote yes.

#14 Sound system in PE arena. Another single bid response. Paul Zakowski, Director of Athletics, responds. Went through purchasing. Mazzochi asks why short installation schedule needed, four days. Graduations for COD as well as high schools, then prep for college sports starting by August 1. Contractors responded that the time frame is too short. Zakowski says that it was a capital item approved last year by the BOT and work has to be done by July 1. Napolitano raises issue of separating the sound system from the painting work needed (older speakers being removed would cause holes in ceiling). Vendor installed current sound system in PE renovation. Familiar with building. Very satisfied with their work. Mazzochi votes no. Motion passes.

#15 Office of general counsel mission statement and job description. McGuire says that she will vote no. Raises objection to the college having to be “persuaded” to follow the law. Does not like in-house counsel reporting to the BOT, dual reporting to both BOT and president. Bernstein argues that there is no conflict or any actual dual reporting role. Client reporting relationship is to the board. Mazzochi agrees. More discussion. Split vote with Birt, McGuire, and Wozniak voting no.