BOT meeting, April 7, 2016 – Presentation on Buffalo Theater Company

Connie Canaday-Howard and Amelia Barrett, professors of theater. Back in front of board because asked to further define the value of BTE. Quote from Chicago actor Bryan Bosque. Connect to institutional mission. Comments on value of training in live theatre. Comments from viewers and other working actors who trained with BTE. Immediacy of learning to see the world through different perspectives by playing characters. Recognize experience of characters that connects to self even while different.

Every student enrolled in the theater department had contact with BTE. Litany of different forms of contacts including class visits, backstage visits, extensive classes and labs. Students directly working on productions in paid and/or credit-earning roles. Many details here….

Categories for future productions are discussed, showing how productions could be selected that would not only appeal to wide audiences but also meet educationalĀ goals.

Closing comments reinforce connection of BTE’s programming to college’s institutional mission.