BOT meeting, April 7, 2016 – Information items agenda #8

Series of questions from Trustee McGuire responded by staff including new finance officers and Linda Sands-Vankerk.

Trustee Olsen asks what is the purpose of policy revisions. Sands-Vankerk explains that the changes are “clean-up” to meet legal and standard definitions for issues such as temporary employees.

McGuire asks about new records preservation policy. Mazzochi explains that policy is written to allow for most restrictive legal requirement to apply. Discussion with attorney. Olsen asks about student emails under law or policy. Mazz says that those should be addressed by administration policy, faculty email as well. Board policy is not comprehensive but focused on issues that touch the BOT. Currier is called up to answer questions; explains how accounts are placed under “litigation holds” to prevent deleting when someone’s email account is of interest for litigation.

Napolitano asks how far back data recovery could go. Currier says he thinks not very far, but he’s willing to look at it. Bernstein asks if records are saved offline, Currier says no. Currier asks to make retention requirements as consistent as possible across different types of records so that they are easier to implement.