BOT Meeting Post 6

Kirk Allen

Our whole organization has focused on accountability. Ms Birt, I appreciate your comment that first readings should be publicized. I think it’s hypocritical of you. I asked over a year ago for all documentation about Max McGraw foundation — why didn’t I get those records a year ago. I should not have to wait a year to get those records. Somebody is snowballing those records.

Hamilton: I would like to let you know that Dr. Collins will be providing information on the Bauer grant by the 30th of this month.

Comments by the Board Chairman

Hamilton: The HLC is coming to visit next week to hear about the improprieties that have happened here. And next week the Stat’e attorney is coming to investigate.

On April 30th at our organizational meeting I said the causes of our CODs scandal is over. But their effects linger.

I made a statement asking all of the trustees to come together to lead us to a better tomorrow. The HLC already knows that thanks to Glenn /Hansen and his colleagues, the education at COD is intact.

I think the Commission is coming to look at us. The Commission is coming to see if we are up to the task of ending the Breuder regime. To see if we can attract a permanent top quality president.

We are trying to find out the bottom of all these improprieties.

We are building a new relationship with the faculty and the adjunct faculty, so they do the work they must. They are our top concern of all our concerns.

We are opening up the College to a blue-ribbon transition team. We are committed to offering a top-quality education.

We are respecting the taxpayers and every dollar. This Board will never allow the arrogant disregard that characterized that characterized COD under Breuder.

We continuously looking for ways to improve. We are looking to the organization. We are identifying issues. We are solving them. We transform lives. It’s a big job. We need every Trustee to understand his or her part and contribution to the Board.

When the State’s Attorney and the HLC get through their visits next week, I hope they understand that the new Board is committed to And that every trustee has a role to play in getting us from these scandals to that vision.

Chair Hamilton announces upcoming Board meetings.

Birt: Can we discuss the start times. 6pm? A lot of people work and then you expect them to come for four hour meetings?

Hamilton: It’s called commitment, Erin.

If there is no other Board business tonight then I will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Mazzochi moves, Napolitano seconds.