BoT Special Meeting 10/20 Post 1

Meeting called to order.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Trustees Wozniak and Birt are not present.  Student Trustee Roark is not present. All other Trustees present.

Agenda approved.

Public Comments. Chair Hamilton goes over the rules of public comments.

Glenn Hansen, President CODFA

Good evening,I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Senate. I’ve said many things for many years. I’ve written many things. I was prepared to add to the record tonight, but why? Tonight, to the Board of Trustees of the College of DuPage, on behalf of the full-time faculty, I say — Thank you.

Richard Jarman, VP CODFA

Some sweet irony that the HLC report dropped into the COD mailbox Friday night, on the eve of this momentous board meeting. For let it not be mistaken that the multitude of reasons that prompted the HLC’s visit in July all originated with the subject of item 6 in tonight’s agenda: “RESOLUTION TO TERMINATE THE EMPLOYMENT OF THE COLLEGE PRESIDENT.” The end of an error, as someone wittily observed in a Facebook comment.

Let me further make clear, as I have done previously, and as we look forward to the urgent process of identifying a worthy occupant of the presidential office, that there was an error, a severe error in the hiring process, flawed and corrupted by the cabal of McKinnon, Carlin et. al. A process in which the opinions of an outside expert consultant were flagrantly ignored. I wonder if they ponder the weight of responsibility they share for inflicting upon this institution six years under the tyrant’s heel, and the consequences of mismanagement and corruption that we inherited. One of them is still present. I suggest that person has no moral authority to question or criticize any aspect of the selection process that this board chooses.

I think I can confidently speak for most faculty in anticipating this vote tonight with great anticipation and some relief. We have been impatient but you have had to prepare the ground. Wrongs will have been righted at least in part: the deflation of the Golden Parachute, the preservation of the HEC’s name for Robert Miller, the demolition of a legacy. I suspect some may vote no. Among other things, NO is an endorsement of the misuse of public funds for political activities; it is an endorsement of the failure to establish internal controls; it is an endorsement of the improper investment of college funds; it is an endorsement of the improper attempt to extract $20 MM from the State of Illinois.

The HLC report demands a response and visible actions to exact the necessary changes. No time to waste. Despite the criticisms leveled at the new majority, although none were associated with the problems, I believe that this board has the ability to implement the required change. I want to affirm our Association’s commitment to working with you. We have been doing so since April. I am confident that together we can get there.

Now to the vote.

Keith Yearman —

I’d like to draw your attention to the Illinois Community College Board’s Final Recognition Report for College of DuPage, dated August 1, 2012. This summarized ICCB’s visit to COD on March 28th and 29th of that year, which involved review of financial, student and other records. This review was the regular five-year review and site visit, the next coming in 2017. This review and site visit was just one of many opportunities for authorities to intervene here; it turned out to be an opportunity lost.
Given what has been exposed by the Tribune and Edgar County Watchdogs, this report has now become a particularly hilarious read. I wonder what documentation Dr. Elaine Johnson of the ICCB was actually reviewing while preparing this report. Actually, after reading the report I was left questioning what college they had actually visited.
For instance, Internal Auditor Jim Martner was mentioned briefly regarding credit claims submissions, “The college’s internal auditor does have a process to generate a report that does contain the information and it was made available and was of assistance during our visit.” However, having the internal auditor reporting solely to the president did not warrant the ICCB’s concern within the Financial Compliance portion of the report.
The ICCB reviewed the college’s budgets from 2008 to 2012. The ICCB noted “the college received the Government Finance Officers Association budget award for all years reviewed,” but made no mention of the bloat that characterized those budgets. The ICCB’s recommendations concerning the budget? “None.” There wasn’t a concern noted.
When it came to “Bidding and Awarding of Contracts,” the report notes:
“During ICCB’s March 28th – 29th visit on campus, Board minutes from the previous two years and vendor registers and payments were examined to determine the college’s compliance with state level and local bidding and awarding of contract requirements and policies. A small sample of actual bid files was selected and examined for completeness, accuracy, and to verify the process is working as intended.”
Look at all that’s been exposed regarding contracting here. The ICCB’s recommendations concerning college contracting? “None.” There wasn’t even a concern noted.
What did the Illinois Community College Board know about College of DuPage and when did they know it? It seems their continuous lack of oversight and enforcement, coupled with turning a blind eye during their 2012 review and site visit, contributed to COD becoming the Tammany Hall of Illinois.
I encourage this board to demand the regulators actually regulate, starting with the Illinois Community College Board. Thank you.

Laura Reigle — reads statements about enrollment that were made by Joe Collins. Says that these statements were not correct. Argues that Dr. Joe Collins was hand-picked by Breuder and cannot lead the College.

Mark Misiorowski  Tells the BoT members that they need to define who they are and what they stand for, to make or break their reputation in front of the COD community. Reminds the BoT that they need vision, reform, reconciliation. Recommends against being willfully blind or missing in action. Reminds them that they are labeling themselves this evening. They are defining their individual reputation, not Breuder’s. Reminds them that they are defining their own personal legacy.  This is no longer about Dr. Breuder.

Roger Kempa. Prepared a 23 page investment report that he shared with all BoT members. He invited comments. Only received on comment from a BOT member, with a simple thank you.  That came from Dianne McGuire.  Notes the trail of “immense things” he did that sank his own ship. Wants to know why the Illinois Public Funds Act was clearly violated with the mutual funds purchases. This law says that a community college may invest in short-term bonds but that investment is subject to BoT approval, which was not done. This means this was illegal and wants that noted. Notes items C, D and F — needs to know why Breuder was responsible for those because those were the responsibilities of the Treasurer to report to the Board.

Paul LeForte – Hopes this is the last night we have to talk about the past. Notes that Trustee Birt is missing for the fifth time out of 11 meetings. Trustee Wozniak is also not here. Notes that Trustee Hamilton has noted that the current situation does require some micromanagement until we get a new president. Notes two year expensive fight by Breuder with Village of Glen Ellyn. Notes that was free, and now we are paying Lisle for those services. Notes personal contact with Daily Herald about a BoT candidate’s private personell record at COD, probably illegal and shredding that candidate’s public reputation.

Adam Andrezseski. Freeze property taxes, tuition and use construction funds into the classroom instead. Notes these have been achieved. It has taken a collective effort of groups including COD faculty to get to this moment. Unquestionable integrity, appreciation for COD’s history as a top tier community college. Sterling academic credentials. History of academic management. Have previously shepherded a community college turn around. Demonstrate strong support for academic and career oriented education. And all COD senior executives must also demonstrate those traits. How can any administrator. appointed by Breuder show that? Names Collins, Kartje and Moore and all other senior management team have implemented Breuder practices.

Kirk Allen — laments that Trustees are not present. Discusses Erin Birt’s DUI mug shot. Calls for Erin Birt’s immediate resignation. Notes that Birt banned his PowerPoint presentation. Notes that Birt failed to protect taxpayers from Breuder’s abuses.  Calls for Dianne McGuire to resign. Notes her inability to recognize her own mistakes. Tells Wozniak that he is being used. This BoT legacy will be left by their vote tonight.