BoT Special Meeting 10/20/2015 Post 2

Public comments continue

John Kraft — Still has not obtained Breuder’s W2.

Trustees Birt, Wozniak and McGuire — need to write a check back to COD for all the food and wine you consumed. Item #1 is sufficient by itself to terminate Breuder. (Failure to store electronic records) There is a criminal investigation ongoing. This is a felony.

Susan DuBoef — Wants to tender an apology to all the BoT and all gathered. Notes she was a student at Harper when Breuder was there. Notes that she and Harper taxpayers paid Harper College 500,000 to leave. She apologizes for sending Breuder from Harper to COD. She hopes that COD will not have to pay Breuder $700,000 to go away.

End of Public Comments.

Chair Hamilton announces the closed session. College Attorney states the reason for going into closed session.

Trustees present all vote yes to move to closed session.

The BoT moves into closed session.

Blogging will resume after the closed session.