BoT Special Meeting 10/20/2015 Post 4

Chair Hamilton opens up the public comments section.

Laura Reigle — Expresses her unhappiness with Trustee McGuire for voting no and wonders what her motivation could be. Has a question for BoT — regarding what has happened in the last week. What ramifications will there be for the College for the bond issue, because theywhich were used for enrollment numbers that are now clearly inaccurate.

Kirk Allen — talks about his early writing that claimed that administrators need to be held accountable.  Directs his comments at Interim President Collins. He tells Dr. Collins that he has always been cordial to him and appreciates that. However he believes that the SLEA credit issue falls under Collins responsibility as the Executive President for Academic Affairs. Notes that Collins allowed the Equitable Initiative to go ahead despite warnings from Maloney and from faculty that it should not happen.

Takes issue with Chair Hamilton for her comments that these things did not happen under Dr. Collins watch.

Trustee Birt, you did publicly state that these things did happen under Collin’s watch, so would you indicate what you think should be happened.

Calls for Dr, Kartje to be removed from her post immediately because of the SLEA issue. She supplied false information.

Notes the BoT doesn’t have the authority to terminate those administrators. He wonders which administrator has the integrity to resign from the College. Or what actions the BoT can take to encourage these administrators to self-cleanse” from the college. Notes it is not about apolitical agenda, but rather about good government. Notes that the BoT could be accused of micromanaging, but states that in moment of crises, micromanaging can be necessary.

Judy Worley — relieved that action has been taken. Looks forward to more information that will cone to light. And looks forward to a clean sweep.

Roger Kempa. Calls for an apology from Trustee McGuire for her comments regarding Nazis in a previous meeting.

Bob Buckley –asks McGuire if she voted no because she is afraid of a lawsuit. Notes that Birt has missed so many of the recent meetings.

Chair Hamilton — time for BoT comments. Notes that a chapter at COD is coming to an end. The grounds in today’s resolution show a systematic betrayal of students, faculty and taxpayers for insider benefit. We now have the FBI, the HLC, ICCB coming to investigate us. The evidence is overwhelming. Tomorrow we will release the documents we have that led to this, except for those that cannot be released. We will fight for COD. We will effectively deliver world-class education that will allow COD students to effectively compete in this globalized economy. It is our new day. It is our promise to you. This school has great teachers who are teaching determined students. Each one of us on the BoT invites everyone in District 502 to take your place and to help build the very bright and promising future for COD.

Next meeting is Thursday Nov 22. There is another meeting on Nov 5th that is not reflected on the announcements.

Chair Hamilton asks for a motion to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.