CODAA Candidate Forum March 11

The Forum is called to order.

CODAA President Cheryl Kaplan:

Thanks the candidates for attending, thanks the college for letting the event take place.

Turns over to the moderator:

Thank you to Cheryl Kaplan,  welcome to the 2015 election forum, we have an almost full house. Thank you to student life for gathering the questions. The questions are printed on cards and delivered to moderator who will read. The forum is divided into two groups,  Each candidate gets a two minute opening statement. 45 minutes for each group and then

Opening Statements:

Opening statements to be posted later as a pdf)

David Carlin arrives late.  talks off the cuff. He related a story about a COD student he met at a addiction summit last night. the student stated that several times in the recent past he spent 7 hrs in the parking lot of COD high on heroin. It made his stomach sick and he wants to make this stop and have news stories that reflect the good that goes on here.

Joe Wozniak. He’s against the breuder buy out. He wants the board to have off campus meetings to bring the board to the community. He is sorry about all the bad stories.  He states he is a man of honor and will do good for the college

Matt Gambs. The college is a center of support for business. He has a non political platform. His agenda is driven by his career in the Marine Corp. He supports a comprehensive audit.  He is not interested in litigating the past. He wants to move COD forward.

Kim Savage: Her passion for college started as an undergrad. Talks about her work at UiC. Her perspective is different than others because she knows that college is what happens in the classrooms.  She wants to talk about numbers and the retirement package. Goes after the state for not suporting the college enough.

Dan Bailey, Thanks CODAA for this forum. He worked on a reform slate in 2009, unfortunately that did not help so he is running for the board now. He talks about labor past. He and his family have attended. Was an activist for government reform in both Cook and DuPage counties.

Clarie Ball: Thanks CODAA. An accountant, homeowner and has two cats. Was home-schooled and here first encounter in public education was a community college. Breuder is arrogant, but the current problems are laid a the feet of the current board. She explains how her work as an accountant will help her be an effective board member.

Frank Napalitano: Thanks everyone. He served on village board of Bartlett, decreased budget and maintained services. Served on the U 46 school board. Held town hall meetings to talk to the public.Thinks the board should be open and available to the public. The College should be more transparent.

Roger Kempa: He is a grad of COD, he’s proud of that, has an MBA from Benedictine. Runs a business. He wants to start an alumni association. He’s had  a lot dealings with boards. He wants control of board meetings. He wants the police out of the board meetings. he wants public seating to all the public. Focus on in-district students and taxpayers. COD tuition is the highest in the state. Do away with the blue lane? tax