CODAA Forum March 11


It appears that the previous board made decisions out of view. What will you do to make decision making public.

Napalitano: At U46 the chair of the board would call him to get consensus privately, and would resist the lack of transparency.

Svoboda, We used to have workshops between board meetings and woudl return to this if re electid

Mazzochi, the current board meets too much in secret.

Do you support the collective bargaining rights of workers at COD?

Pihos, Yes, collective bargaining promotes harmony and peace

Savage: Supports collective bargaining. it would be cumbersome to negotiate with each individual

Bailey, supports collective bargaining as well

Wozniak: supports collective bargaining.

Carlin: supports collective bargaining, liked negotiating with unions at COD

Svoboda:  suportscollective barigining

Will you be supportive of maintinging raises above the rate of inflation

Gambs, we should be fair but we need to keep in mind the situation. We shouldn’t be the highest or the lowest.

Bernstein, we need to pay well to attract the best. We should economize everywhere

Ball: We need to be competitive

Bailey: We should be competitive, and the atmosphere needs to be improved. Funds taken from BIC renovation to build the Culinary Arts

Mazzochi, it’s also important to pay attention  to other details. Adjuncts need longer contracts for instance.

What role should Dr. Breuder play in the role of his successor?

Kempa, He should have no role.

Pihos, several things need to happen bring together the stakeholders, create a committee,  the board can assign him no role, we need a national search. we need public forums.

Savage: the pres is involved only if the board directs it. Supports national search

Carlin finds it disappointing that any one would call out a college employee especially one that is sitting in the room in order score cheap political points. The employees made this college what it is.

How big is the reserve fund?

Kempa: it’s the best in the world. It’s 195 million.  this would be fine if this was a private company but it’s too much for a college.

Bernstein. Its’e easy to think that our financial situation is good. But because of the flawed audits we don’t know.

Mazzocchi comments



Change of format — we are out of time on this question.

1 and a half minute response per candidate, different question per candidate

Wozniak What steps would you take to increase the transparency of Board and College expenses

Wozniak — we have to look at all expenses of administration

Mazzochi: What is your position on tenure for FT faculty?

She has no problem with tenure she knows that tenure gave them the power to speak out against breuder.

Carlin: If you had to fill out a conflict of interest form, what would it be on?

I don’t have a conflict of interests One thing to mention this is a volunteer board, when you read about a Christmas party keep it in mind, there are things we can do about booze, but these people volunteer.

Svoboda, what did you bring to the college?

For 32 years I worked as a counselor and helped students. Now, as a board member we have made space for students to speak to at Bot meetings