CODAA Forum Post 5

For Mazzocchi:

I posted things on FB to give illustrative examples of how the COD ledger is not in agreement with the COD checkbook. The check and the description do not match. COD is saying “this is our public check record” and if it doesn’t match, there is a transparency problem.

For Carlin: You were a BOT member when Brueder was hired and when his contract was extended, how can you now be trusted to clean up the current mess we are now in?

Carlin: When I was elected to the COD BoT there were two members suing each other, 2 resignations, somebody at COD trying to open a campus in Costa Rica.  I helped with transparency — we posted salaries on line, other things on line. COD was not in a good place.  Breuder came with 30 years of experience. I talked with Harper faculty, others. All of them said that Breuder is a good candidate, he gets the job done. I would do it again today.

For Svoboda: The college has slashed the number of full-time counselors. Do you support that?

Svoboda: No. We need to support the frontline people who deal with students. Classified, full and part-time faculty. We need to support them. Advising and Counseling — we did a recent survey on their status. I need to look at that. We have to back financially what they need in order to serve our student body.

For Bernstein: AS a Clean Slate candidate, how are you funding your campaign, and if you are elected, would you support Kathy Hamilton elected as chair.

Berstein: Yes, I would support Hamilton be elected as chair. I got involved in politics because I was watching these BoT meetings and I saw one person standing up on her own over and over, it takes guts and integrity. She has them. I am getting donations. Doing coffees. Getting help from people who want to see real change. Who want the BoT to really hold the administration  accountable like they are supposed to.

For Pihos: What can be done to advertise and expand the large number of hands-on trades taught at COD.

Pihos: There has to be great outreach to the community. Manufacturing programs have a hard time getting students to invest in the programs. We have to engage our communities, go into our high school, educate people about the underrepresented employment in our communities that students might really be interested in if they knew what was available in our County.

For Gambs: Are you associated with the EdgarCounty WatchDogs or the  OpentheBooks?

No, I follow them but am not associated with them.

For Savage: What will you do differently in your second term?

Savage: It is important to communicate. One of the things I would like to see iis that we post the answers that Breuder gives the BoT so that everybody — the public — can see what those answers are that Breuder gives us before every meeting so we know what we are voting on. We need to work more with legislators and communities. We need to make it possible for more students to attend COD.

For Bailey: Are you affiliated with the Tea Party or any other political group?

Bailey: I have been connected to the independent voters of Illinois when I lived in Cook County. Now, since 1988 I am affiliated with the Democratic Party. But this is a non-partisan race and we need people who will take care of the needs and interests of students and taxpayers and all the stakeholders of this institution. It shouldn’t be political. It should be about getting things done the right way.

For Ball: What do you know about the student body at COD and how will you relate to them regarding actions involving their concerns?

Ball: I know it’s a diverse group. People want certificates, some just want to take advantage of things like the beer brewing classes. I would reach out, make myself available to people. To talk to people about their issue, their concerns. I would post all my decisions on-line, my reasoning in coming to vote the way I did.

For Napolitano: How will you address the needs of minority students?

Napolitano: We need to take care of all our students’ and groups’ needs, regardless of minority or sex or whatever — they all deserve to have their voice heard. I will be open minded and work to do that.

For Kempa: What is you position on the reemployment of retirees? At present anybody who has an annuity is not allowed to come back and teach at COD?

Kempa: That is the law right now however I am retired and I know the pension laws of teachers SURS and the IMRF — the law should be consistent. Administrators can go back to work on a part-time basis under all three scenarios so why should teachers not be allowed to do the same?