CODAA Forum Post 6

For Kempa: Is it okay appropriate for a Trustee to leak confidential information to community watchdog groups and the press?

Kempa: No I don’t with one exception. If there is something illegal going on you go to the States attorney but if something is what you consider immoral you don’t release it to the press.

Napolitano: The appropriate action would be to go to the States Attorneys general. I did that twice while serving on the U- District — I believed that things were being discussed in closed session that should not have.

Ball; CPAs performing an audit are required to, if they come across shady dealings, illegal actions, are required to bring it to management. if management does nothing they need to take it higher, including eventually state bodies.

Bailey: You wouldn’t want to disclose confidential information unless it was illegal. Sometimes the definition of confidentiality is questionable. I would like to discuss important issues and bring them to light when that needs to happen. But I do not want to disclose confidential information that could harm people.

Savage: I do not believe that confidential info should be leaked to the press. There are appropriate ways that that should be done. In 2014 we established an ethics hotline that bypasses the presidents office. We don’t try things in the press.

Gambs: No we don’t leak to the press. I support hotlines. If something is illegal we should report it to the States Attorney General.

Pihos: Trustees are absolutely obligated to keep information confidential. There are state authorities to report  a finding.

Bernstein: You shouldn’t do it. But what if it’s really really costly, and really really stupid, and its going to get passed if you don’t do something about it? It isn’t so clear cut. There are situations where it is justified.

Svoboda: I believe in confidentiality. I have roots in that kind of ethical stance having been a counselor for thirty years working with students. There is gradation among trustees about what is…going to the newspapers is not the way to go.

Carlin: I wish I had more time to talk about this one. We’ve all heard about the radio station. There is one trustee who called me personally about the radio station, called the press….you should never leak material from a closed session. All Trustee Hamilton needed to do was go to the States attorney.

Mazzochi: You don’t lose your freedom of speech just because you are in a closed session. As a trustee you have to decide what is your responsibility. There are grey areas. There are areas that are covered by law, such as students information.

Wozniak: Board members should not leak information. There are legal ways of doing it.

NEW QUESTION FOR ALL CANDIDATES: What is your single most important improvement that you can do for our students if elected?

Gambs: Technology, infractructure.

Savage: Tools that they need to complete our school

Bailey: Improve counseling, increase the number of  counselors. Decrease student debt.

Ball: Open the books, clean out the expenses and stop paying on large questionable things.

Napolitano: Work with business leaders to make sure students are college or work ready

Kempa: An alumi association.

Pihos: Assess support services we have and make sure they are all in place so students

Bernstein: stop the hemorrhaging of the cash, pay our faculty what they deserve, get more permanent faculty.

Svoboda: We need to reactivate the Older Adult Institute

Carlin: 3 + 1 programs, student outcomes, make sure students are learning things in classes, keep tuition affordable.

Mazzochi, lower tuition, analyze which classes currently offered are posing bottlenecks to students who are not able to get their degrees because of them.

Wozniak: Repair the damage that has been done . Ask Brueder who is a man of honor to not accept that 760,00 package to retire.

Question for all: What are your political affiliations?

Pass if you have already answered.

Pihos: Republican.

Bernstein, no political group. I am a fiscal conservative.

Svodboa: I am pretty independent but lean towards the Democrat.

Carlin: I am a Republican.

Mazzochi: I currently affiliate with the Republican Party.

Wozniak: I am a Republican.

Gambs: Republican.

Savage: Democrat. I serve as a non-partisan position though.

Ball: I am a Libertarian and as outsider as you get.

Napolitano: I am an independent.

Kempa: Running as an independent.