Appointments to Committees

There are three types of committees at the College of DuPage: Contractual, College-Wide, and Divisional.

  • Contractual committees are appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  • College-Wide committees are jointly appointed (50-50) by the Senate and by Administration (See the Contractual Agreement, A 6. Committee Participation.)
  • Divisional committees are appointed by the divisions according to their own internal processes.

Calls for committee volunteers are made by the Senate Committee on Committees via email to all full-time faculty, and to part-time faculty as requested by the Administration.

Committee on Committees Process

  1. Calls for volunteers are made via email from the CoC email address:
  2. Faculty submit their interest via a form that includes a brief narrative statement of interest, applicable experience, and a list of committee participation history. This form is located at:  Volunteers MUST submit their interest via this form to be considered. Each committee call will have a deadline date.
  3. The Senate Secretary or designee will compile the list of volunteers for Senate review. Senators are responsible for advocating for their constituents who apply for committees. Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact their Senators when applying for committees.
  4. Volunteers are notified of appointment/non-appointment to committees. For College-Wide committees, the requesting Administrator will be notified of Senate-appointed faculty and are given a list of the remaining volunteers, if any.  The Administration can select from the remaining volunteers or appoint their own candidates.