Community Forum more questions, post 3

question to Torres, are students aware of the controversy? Torres says they are in a difficult position, hard to engage students, but they try to find ways to help students

COD developing adversarial relationship with Glen Ellyn and now with the faculty and segments of the general public, what is the cause of this trend? McGuire refers to starting in 2011 and the issues with Glen Ellyn at the time. There was discussion and mediation, now we have a good relationship. Hansen comments that there is a propensity to go to court on both sides, unnecessary expenses to taxpayers especially for Glen Ellyn residents. Faculty has filed two Unfair Labor Practices complaints because of adversarial relationships.

Have vacation trips for Breuder been paid for by taxpayers? McGuire: to the best of my knowledge, no.

Has the policy of closed door meetings produced the flood of FOIA requests? Why are questions by the public not answered by the BOT? Alvarez states that there is no obligation to answer the public comments. When there are policies that shut out citizens, you see more FOIA requests. McGuire added that we are very careful to follow regulations regarding open meetings and closed sessions. She further explained the division of the comment period because of the length of the meeting. Alvarez clarified that the restriction of comments is in conflict with the first amendment because of the content restrictions, not the timing division.

Why is it so hard to find contact information for trustees? McGuire looks surprised and says that can be addressed. Alvarez says that law requires it.