Community Forum post 4 closing remarks

McGuire: what an honor it is to be part of this.

Collins: Thanks the League for the opportunity to answer questions. Hopes they were answered to some level of satisfaction. This is a fantastic institution, we are the envy of others, this is a jewel to be appreciated.

Hansen: Thanks and enjoyed this opportunity. Since 2007 I have asked for the Board to open it’s meetings to the public by televising and streaming. For a short while they did. They should do it again, citizens must be informed and cannot rely of media reports for a complete story. We have been blogging from the meetings in an attempt of provided an unedited timeline of events. With 14 candidates running for 3 seats, we the citizens must be engaged and ask tough questions. We must demand specific answers of the people who want to sit at the table for 6 years. They must demonstrate they deserve our trust and our vote.

Torres: important to understand different perspectives. When you choose sides, you divide the college, very sad thing to see. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you disagree with. This really is a jewel – COD is a college of opportunities. Acknowledges the special opportunity of being here to speak.

Judar comments that televising meetings and putting them online would be a great idea.

Alvarez: thanks everyone for the questions. It’s clear that COD could do more to create a better relationship with the public. Having an informed public that participates is essential to the public’s business. The current situation is a change to engage citizens.

In her closing remarks, Judar stated, Dr. Breuder did not attend because he was out of town, the BoT chair and Vice Chair did not reply and one was not available (unclear), 2 trustees were running for office, so therefore McGuire represented the trustees.