Dec 18 BOT Post #1

Discussion between audience members and Board members. Inaudible.

Chair Birt calls the meeting to order.

Roll Call, All present.

Motion to approve the Bot agenda. So moved, McGuire, Savage second.

Hamilton wants a voice vote to make a statement about the agenda. A specific part of the agenda. The public comment statement and rules.

Hamilton opposed to the agenda. The agenda contains a new section on public comments and rules. It is a sad commentary on the Boards’ regard for First Amendment Rights. We are all intelligent and should reflect upon this part of the rules that stifles First Amendment Rights. Recalls a citizens group that commented some months back saying that the BoT and the Chair have no right to stifle peoples’ First Amendment Rights.

Savage wonders what she means by “assaulting people’s First Amendment Rights.” Savage says it is not uncommon for Boards to have public comments at the beginning of the meeting related to the agenda and reserve general comments for the end of the meeting.

Birt reminds the meeting about how the meeting is structured.  Reiterates that public comments are welcome if related to the agenda.  Initial segment of public comments is limited to specific items on the agenda. Outbursts from the audience will not be tolerated. After one warning a person will be removed if the person will not leave when asked. A person disturbing the meeting will be possibly subject to a citation. Media displays are not allowed. Individuals must sign in on the lists in the back.  Speakers may not stand in the aisle, and instead go to the overflow room that is provided with audio/visual coverage of the meeting.

Public Comments commence. No restrictions on your first amendment rights but please be courteous.

Laura Reigle.  Item 8B.  Directly talking to the COD Trustees as a taxpayer in the District. You are here to represent me. I pay taxes to this governmental body. These laws guarantee me transparency. COD must supply public documents to anyone requested. As of today a complete list of Accounting Codes as per a FOIA request has not been delivered. There will be a tax increase on the agenda tonight.   Dec 2 2014 a FOiA request was submitted for accounting codes for all meals started since the inception (of Waterleaf?).On 12/9 the College requested an extension of 5 days to get that material.  On Dec 16th “The College does not have any documents responsive to your request.”  How can the College first ask for five days to review the documents and then say that there aren’t any?  Can anyone tell me why 5 CPAS and staff hired by COD do not have the ability to supply the account codes for Waterleaf?  You are responsible for these documents,

John   Kraft3.4 and 9B.

Radio Station item for action — but you are going to take action on it but you have not supplied the information  in advance You have not shown the invoice for this audit. It has not been released in advance of this discussion and in response to a FOIA. You are withholding invoices that the school paid and the public has a right to see them.  Concealing public records from the public is a felony. These documents are not exempt from disclosure. This BoT has violated the Freedom of Information act once again. Improper use of public funds.

Paul LaForte. Resident and taxpayer. After last meeting I wonder if we taxpayers must certify that we are not Nazis and right-wing ideologues if we want to speak at these meetings. 415 million dollars for construction projects including Homeland Security and Parking structures.

Where is the oversight for these building projects? Where is the discussion and overview of how the money is being spent. What priorities do individual BoT members have for spending? The Naperville Center was supposed to double the classroom space but in fact in the reconstruction it was actually lessened.

3.2 per cent increase in enrollment not the 10 per cent claimed by the College.

Adam Andrejewski.

Treasurers Report and Property taxes. You have hiked the property tax rate while property values have gone done.

Stop spending on construction and bring down tuition.  We’ve had a good impact. We didn’t get the 20 million dollars for construction and tuition was lowered.  Now it’s time to freeze property taxes.     10,000 DuPage families can’t pay their property taxes.  In June, Glaser admitted that in a bad recession COD has still hiked the property taxes. You have millions in reserve. What do taxpayers think about that?

You are paying your president like a banker, which is what he thinks he is. Taxpayers should not be picking up the tab for meals at Waterleaf, for corruption.

Roger Kempa. Resident. COD graduate.

The highlight of this meeting should be the tax levy. But it isn’t.

Wants a freeze or a decrease in the tax levy.



John Kraft