Dec 18 BOT Post #2

Kempa continues speaking. 274 millions of cash in the bank, the public will not miss the increase in taxes. But with that much cash, you could have a decrease.

Mark Kemecik

Approval of Lobbyists contract must go out to competitive bid.

The bid process was not open and competitive. Only one company bid. The same company Scott Marquart is the only company and they are the company that got a non competitive bid the last five times.  The process was a sham. Are you kidding me?

Competitive bidding is competition. But not here at COD.

Marquardts wife is the    State’s ATtorney  Bob Berlin.  Can Bob Berlin say he does not have a conflict of interest.

Tonight is the one year anniversary of the fraud at the radio station. Bob Berlin has not issued an indictment. What is going on at COD.

Jan Shaw. Tax Levy.

Please freeze the tax levy. We are all broke.

You do not have the Pledge of Allegiance on your agenda. Please stand up and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.(Some in the crowd stand and say the P of A)

Kirk Allen–Brueder, you’ve accused Hamilton of leaking information to the Tribune. None of our tips have come from Kathy Hamilton. Stop accusing her, Brueder.

Talks about “no-bid contracting game” held by COD Foundation Board members.

Hurricane Graphics and   Advanced Sign   are owned by the same person, COD Foundation Board member.   Both companies have gotten no-bid contracts.  90,000 awarded went to 400,000 paid through imprest accounts “Services do not have to be bid in Illinois” quotes Brueder. Allen refutes this.

Time for Brueder and McGuire to go.

Matthew Tyrmand  (full text provided by speaker):

My name is Matthew Tyrmand and I am Deputy Director of American Transparency. Our website is My comments are in reference to the agenda item: the Treasurers report, which contains the Imprest hidden spending accounts.

I flew in from New York City today to speak to residents of DuPage county and to the board of trustees of the College of DuPage and to demand the resignation of Trustee Dianne McGuire for her comments from the November 20th Board Meeting as McGuire defended the Imprest payment scheme of obfuscating COD accounting. To do this, McGuire used rhetoric evoking Nazi Tyranny in a comparison with those who would demand honesty and integrity in government. Those that invoke Nazis in a spending debate have no place IN government and especially in a position of trust in a public educational institution. McGuire’s statement goes well beyond politically incorrect and approaches hate speech.

Here’s why:  As a Polish Jewish American the majority of my father’s family including his father, my grandfather, was murdered in the holocaust. Recently, I visited Auschwitz and Majdanek- two notorious German death camps in Poland- where my paternal line was all but exterminated. This was a powerful and sobering experience and it has compelled me to speak up- even to fly in from New York for tonight.

To, Dianne McGuire: I am shocked, offended, and most notably disgusted with your hateful rhetoric in defending wasteful spending that is clearly divorced from reality. Is this what the COD board has come to? Comparing those who would keep elected officials honest with Nazis? Putting YOURSELF in the place of revered German theologian Martin Niemoller, to defend further brazen dining on Filet Mignon and Crème Brulee, not to mention high end wine, at taxpayer expense? Are you kidding me?

I am currently reaching out to the anti-defamation league and have spoken to people affiliated with the Israeli Knesset about next steps on how to deal with such a callous and self serving act that does so much damage to the battle against anti semitism, the memory of the holocaust, and to those actually persecuted by nazis like my father and his family. This is a shameful act of moral corruption and there is no place for those who would speak like this on America’s educational campuses. Trustee Mcguire, you have supremely violated the public trust with this shameful and inexcusable behavior. Please resign now. It is the right thing to do. Thank you.

Treasurers Report. Flew in from NYC today to talk to DuPage residents. Wants McGuire to resign after her rhetoric invoking Nazi tyranny. It approaches hate speech.  It has no place in public requests to discuss wasteful spending. Is this what the COd BOT has come to?  You dine on high end wine and crème brulee and then accuse the public who want to discuss this of Nazism. McGuire please retire now. It is the right thing to do. He speaks about his family experience in Nazi death camps and says this attack by McGuire has infuriated him. He is reaching out to the Anti-Defamation League to pursue this further.  This is moral corruption and violation of public trust.

Student Trustee– speaks about globalization at COD. Tonight students from other countries are going to speak about their time at COD.

Students from Montenegro speaks. Thanks her Anatomy professors. I gained a lot of knowledge at this school and have had a good experience. I have a BA in Economics but have chosen to go back to school in Nursing at COD where I will apply next year. Then I hope to get a BS at Elmhurst.

Beatriz from Spain, Majoring in Marketing. TAlks about what she has learned from her professors.

Student from South Africa. Construction Management.  Came through a CCIP program sponsoring students at community colleges. COD has 15 students. Each student has a social host. Professors are friendly and helpful. A student is not taught what to think. A student is taught to think independently. Thanks the American taxpayer for this program because without the American taxpayer I wouldn’t be standing here.

Student Trustee Escamilla notes that he had the opportunity to go to Italy on a COD program.

Trustee Svoboda.

Chair Birt congratulates Omar for completing  a national student leadership program. He is now a Certified Student Leader. Photo is taken.