Dec 18 COD BOt Post #4

Consent Agenda

Chair Birt asks Trustees if they want to take any items off the consent agenda.

Trustee Hamilton wants to remove 8B2 Financial Reports

Trustee Savage wants to remove 8B4A Lobbying Services.

All other items can remain.

Motion for the rest of the agenda to be read and approved. Motion carries.

Expense items on the agenda include 20,880 for SRC Library Furniture move, 1kkK for Waterleaf Produce purchasing, 29K for consulting services for Tennis


DISCUSSION of 8B2 Financial Reports.

IT would provide some clarity for the public if we allowed transparency for the public to see expenditures from the imprest accounts. We should remove the restrictions on providing info to the public on expenditures under 15,000. It would alleviate tensions.  I will not be signing off on this part of the agenda until we start providing the public with this information.

Also last month I asked that this particular topic be put up for discussion and for a vote because I think that everyone here would like to reduce conflict and questions about the imprest accounts. This would really solve this for our Board. I am asking our Chair to put this on the agenda for next month since she didn’t put it on for this month.

All Trustees vote to approve the Financial Reports except Trustee Hamilton.

DISCUSSION of 8 B4A Lobbying.

Savage says she is happy that the Lobbyist Service bid was an open bidding with an RFP issued. But only one bid came in, so the process was open.

McGuire IT was beyond our control to get other companies to bid.

Svoboda — Scott Marquardt group has a history with the College. It’s not somebody out of left field. We have a longstanding relationship with that company so I have confidence in it.

All Trustees vote yes on this agenda item.

Chair Birt asks for a brief recess.

Motion approved. 8:36. Request Trustees to come back in 5 minutes.