Elsa Moore, COD Alum, Comments to the BOT | Sept 19, 2019

First, I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their time; as
well as allowing me to speak in support of the full-time faculty at COD.
I am a proud member of the 2018 graduating class. As I look back at my
COD experience, I truly appreciate and value the time and commitment
my professors put into my education.

As a mother of 3, a wife, a student, and full-time employee, my
time is precious. I did not want to waste my efforts in a program that
wasn’t designed for excellence. This is why I chose COD’s Early
Childhood Education program instead of another. I appreciate the high
expectations set by all my professors, general education and degree
program alike. They spent countless hours designing and implementing
a curriculum based on research, years of experience, and best practice.
These professors spent time getting to know their student’s strengths and
challenges; they worked with you to help you achieve your goals;
whether in class or online.

Now, as my own son is looking into various community colleges, I
have strongly urged him to consider COD. I’ve encouraged him to look
into COD because of the professors and their dedication to their
students, education and this institution. These professors are what make
COD a quality college. They are the driving force behind the
programming offered here. As such, the professors deserve a fair
contract that compensates them fairly; recognizes their levels of
expertise and respects the integrity of their chosen fields.