Samantha Morgan, COD Alum, Comments to BOT | Sept 19, 2019

Hello, my name is Samantha Morgan. I am a COD alumni. I graduated from COD just last semester. I am really fortunate to have gone to COD for the first three years of my college career.

I am going to talk about my past, present, and future college life. In the past, I never thought I would be here today speaking to all of you about what I have gone through and taking you through the path that has led me to who I am today. When I was 4, I was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading, writing, and speech. When I started at COD, my first step was to reach out to the Access of Accommodations. I was then given a staff member who would help me through my journey. Everyone knew who I was and were always willing to help me. I then started to get involved in classes that I really enjoyed which were education classes. All of my classes in the education department have impacted me so much and inspired me to be a better future teacher.

If I did not have the support from COD faculty members, I would not have been inducted into phi theta kappa and Kappa Delta Pi, which later I served as the KDP president. Been selected to help start a chapter of Best Buddies at COD and later served as the secretary. Finally, I would not have been apart of the Student Education Association and served as the social chair.

In the present, I am currently at Lewis University majoring in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Special Education. I am currently in the Student Illinois Education Association. Also, I’m currently starting a chapter of KDP and Aspiring Educators at my school.

In the future, I will have completed my bachelor’s degree. I want to help inspire kids to do their best. One of my past teachers is legally blind and would always say “if I can do it, you can do it”. I want to teach my future students the same lesson.

After listening to my story, I want to point out a final note, COD faculty members are all near and dear to my heart. They deserve all the praise since they help and inspire so many. Without giving all the faculty here at COD the opportunity to be treated and paid fairly, students would not be as well off as they are. I am so passionate about educators since I am becoming one myself. Let’s make a change for the better and improve our
futures by being fare to COD faculty members. Thank you