James-Oliver Mack, COD Student, Comments to the BOT | Sept 19, 2019

Hello, my name is James-Oliver Mack, and I am starting my second year at the College of DuPage.

The integrity and efficacy of any educational institution relies on the educators within that institution. The College of DuPage is able to boast such a wide variety of outstanding educational programs because of the educators tirelessly working for this institution; improving, executing, and expanding on these programs. Devoted and effective educators are necessary to maintain the quality of this institution for both current and future students. Without these teachers, this institution will be unable to appropriately serve this community with the sort of high-quality education it deserves. The only way to attract and retain such high quality educators as those the College of DuPage currently has is to fairly compensate and respect those educators.

During my time attending the College of DuPage I have encountered many professors that embody the attitude, devotion, and experience quintessential to providing a meaningful and high-quality education to students. Professor Henningsen and Professor Bowers — both of whom teach writing & literature here — have encouraged me to pursue my passion for creative writing and to consider literature in new and exciting ways. Professor Henningsen encourages his students to consider the broader implications of the liberal arts and the value of literature to all students no matter their field of study. Professor Bowers supports his students in developing their writing skills with exciting prompts relevant to the real world. On the other side of campus, Professor Haque fosters a kind and encouraging environment for her chemistry students. She uses her experiences working in both the industry and as a professor to support students through the process of learning a subject considered difficult by many.

Professors Henningsen, Bowers, and Haque are just three examples of the many wonderful faculty working at this college, enthusiastically supporting and fostering their students and their education. Professors such as these deserve recognition for the time, energy, and care that they put forth in an effort to maintain and cultivate the quality of this institution. These teachers are published; they have PhDs; they can go teach at four-year institutions. But they chose to teach here. That is why I, and many others, choose to learn here.

Thank you.