Professor Diane Gryglak, Medical Assistant Program, Comments to the BOT | Sept 19, 2019

One of my colleagues retired in July. I was on the search committee for her replacement. She was the only full-time faculty in Phlebotomy EKG and Clinical Lab Science Programs. It was a difficult position to fill because it requires specific credentials and teaching experience. These programs lead to national certification and require clinical internships. We needed to find someone who would build and maintain relationships with the COD community. These were tough shoes to fill; but we found someone. She was offered the position and accepted. Our new colleague had a signed employment agreement, a signed coordination agreement and her name was visible on all her classes. She spent significant time being mentored by our retiring full-time faculty member.

Less than two weeks before fall classes started, her offer was rescinded. She was offered only a 12 hour part-time position. This happened the same week that other new full-time faculty were called and asked if they would give up their FT job for a part-time job. It was the same week that ads were posted for my job along with 140 or so, of my colleague’s positions. I see no other purpose for all these moves then to limit the number of FT faculty in the possible event of a strike.

So now the Phlebotomy EKG certificate programs have no one at the helm. There are 5 part-time faculty trying to hold it together. We love our part-time faculty, but they all have full-time jobs elsewhere.

I would like to read from an e-mail that was sent to the retired faculty member’s personal e-mail. It is from the organization that certifies our graduates in Phlebotomy.

I have been trying to verify the dates that a student was in clincals. The school doesn’t seem to have a replacement ready to handle things yet and simply hangs up on me, and e-mails are returned.
They didn’t offer any assistance or provide any response except to say you’re no longer there. I’m just glad I found your personal address on one of the forms. It would have been a shame to have to delete these students through no fault of their own.”
From Iris McLemore, Evaluator for American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Certification.

The rescinding of an employment offer not only hurts future recruitment of qualified faculty. In this case, it hurts students, programs and the community.

Leaving this program with no full-time faculty will have lasting effects for years to come. If we are all interested in student success, then please consider reinstating this important position.