Nicole Ruiz, COD Student, Comments to BOT | Sept 19, 2019

Hello, My name is Nicole Ruiz. I am secondary education history major, and this is currently my third year attending COD. When I first started school back in the fall of 2017, I had the very inaccurate idea that my community college experience was simply going to be me going to class, and then going home or going to work at my part time job. However since then, my college experience has been quite the contrary. I have developed some amazing relationships and connections with the faculty that have shaped and supported me into the person that I am today.

Through COD, my involvement with being apart of the Student Education Association, a club for aspiring educators, I have learned the importance of having a board and administration that support the people that are in the classroom everyday and that make the most impact on the students. However, in recent events, this has not been the case involving the faculty here at College of Dupage. With $187 million dollars in funds, it’s extremely difficult to understand why the board has been more interested in unnecessary renovations instead of salaries in which my professors deserve.

It’s obvious that there’s been a decline in enrollment at COD, and with these capital projects and renovations, you’re in hopes that it will attract new students. However, along with the affordable prices, the relationships and community in which College of Dupage has to offer will be the sole reason why people decide to go here instead of straight to a four year college. And I’m sure my peers will agree with me that this is what we have found. We’ve found amazing professors and faculty that have guided us to learn and grow beyond the classroom, and to be prepared for whatever path we decide to take on life.

My professors have the opportunity to positively impact so many more students than just me. And as a future educator, I am showing my full support for the faculty here at COD. While it may seem that your college years may be far from you, mine are now. And by not negotiating a fair contract with the College of Dupage Faculty Association, you’re showing me and every other student that enrolls here that their success doesn’t matter.