Older Students

Trustee Svoboda raises the question of out reach to our older 502 population. Trustee Savage concurs. Both have heard from older residents who would like more offerings for their demographic. “What is in the works for older adult students?”

VP Bente: We’ve done studies, only 23 (?)% of surveyed adults said they want more offerings aimed at them. When we ask an open ended question in a survey there was not a unified response we could use. According to the numbers, adult based offerings have not been diminished they have stayed the same.

VP Dowling discusses specific adult focused recruitment strategies. We’re focusing on young adults (21-25)?Trustee Svoboda was referencing retired adults.

Trustee ODonnell points out that the size of our campus and the registration process is intimidating.

Trustee Savage: could anyone speak to the capacity for the regional campuses to have classes for older students during the middle of the day?

VP Kartje: Once the Naperville campus is back on line capacity will increase.