Sept 17, 2015: Agenda #11

Proclamation Naming Homeland Security Education Center

In light of the previous vote voiding Breuder’s contract, the naming recognition would change to medal of honor awardee Robert Miller.

McGuire proposes an amendment in which Miller’s name would be used on the newer Training center rather than on the HEC. She argues that there is no knowing what will happen with the previous motion in the courts.

Wozniak agrees with McGuire. Then he says he’s ok with Miller’s name being on either building. Birt says that it would be too bad to mix Miller’s naming into COD’s controversy and litigation.

The usual split vote on the amendment, 4-3. Roark abstains. Amendment fails.

Bernstein reads a prepared statement in support of the idea that the building should be named after someone who has actually contributed to homeland security. Staff Sargeant Miller saved the lives of many. We need to understand what this really means. It should be someone of this stature. Quotes from Obama’s remarks when awarding Miller’s Medal of Honor. Miller’s name will inspire future generations of students. The alternative would cause no such inspiration. Without contributions like Miller’s, we would not have the benefits that we take for granted. “Freedom and learning are ours only because others paid the highest price.” Urged board to vote unanimously.

Vote: Woz abstains. Birt No. McGuire No. All others yes. Motion passes.