Sept 17 BOT Meeting – blogging update / blogging tonight!

We are grateful for our loyal readers! Thank you for visiting this site, keeping up with our news, and caring about transparency in COD’s governance. We plan to continue this blog, but we will not be covering the meetings in as much detail as we have been. We’ll give the highlights – please watch the video if you want more. [Click here for Multimedia Services link]

The COD Faculty Association started this blog because there was no other way for the public to stay informed of what happened in the BOT meetings. Things have changed – the meetings are being live-streamed, and after the meetings, the complete video is posted very promptly. We thank the Trustees for their attention to this important matter.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:45pm. The first substantive items are Public Comment and a Public Hearing on the FY2016 Budget. After that, a closed session is scheduled before several agenda items of very great interest to the faculty as well as the broader community. [Click here to open the PDF of the agenda]