2/19/15 BOT meeting post 3

Glen Hansen and Richard Jarman’s comments will be added later.

BOT schedules break at 8:05 pm


Reconvenes at 8:25pm

Student Trustee report.  Thanks for all the comments and honest debate.  PLease keep it respectful for having these discussion.  It has not negatively impacted the students learning.  THank the whole community for the support to the studetns.

Omar and Palo has been named to all academic team representing COD.

Earl Dowling – VP student affairs – nominating 2 student chosen for PHi Beta Kappa chapter on the all academic Team

Omar and Palo have been working with the PBK membership at COD.  Palo looking into Organizational communication at DePaul.  Omar is heading to Seanna< italy for study aboard.

Bravo to these students.

Jim Martner is ill today

Tom Glaser – DIane Martinez, Jean Pierre Lerue.  financial matters  Auxiliary operations

ICCb college services need to be self supporting.

Continuing ed, bookstore, radio station, waterleaf, MAC are all auxillary units.  In total lost around $300,000.  Some units profited and some did not.

Diane Martinez talking about MAC programs and MAC spaces. about 2 per day including rehearsal and practice, gallery openings.  Claims $1,968,000 ancillary revenue each year for DuPage County businesses, based on research by Americans for the Arts, a standard used by arts organizations nationally.

Lynn sypata – discussing the revenues and costs of the MAC. 1st six months have a profit of $78,000.

Jean Pierre Lerue – Waterleaf revenues .  It is a learning lab for 2 days a week and since it was going to sit idle as a learning lab SO they decided to make it a commercial restaurant for 5 days a week.  Discussing restaurant industry revenues and profit margins in general.

Financial results of Waterleaf. As of Dec 2014, increased in customers is 62%.