6/11 Special BOT Meeting – 8

Item #18 – for information only: Waterleaf purchases

Jean Kartje comes to the podium.

Jean Kartje: I’m happy to answer your questions.

Napolitano: Perishables does not require bidding, at the sole discretion of the purchaser or the head chef.

Jean Kartje: we have a general manager who works with the chef. There are other meat and poultry that they work with.

Napolitano: unless there’s a bidding process, one cannot be sure that it’s only based on quality.

Jean Kartje: we’ve asked them to go for an RFP. A bidding process would not work. They would not get vendors. An RFP would work. We worked with our culinary faculty and they agreed because they purchase as well.

McGuire: as someone who’s had a catering business for 14 years, I have to say, once you’re happy with somebody and then you’re surprised with what you’re paying.

Jean Kartje: Trust me. We are monitoring it.

Mazzochi: who’s the person who has the authority to make these purchase.

Jean Kartje: that would be Jean Pierre. In other programs, that would be the faculty.

Mazzochi: this is just the restaurant, not the culinary program. Is there anybody besides the general manager, Jean Pierre, who has the authority for these purchases?

Jean Kartje: Kris Fay, the Associate Dean. He reports to her.

Mazzochi: but nobody under him. Who else approves this?

Jean Kartje: Lynn Sapyta, listed all costs of goods sold.

Mazzochi: if I’m looking at the YTD, spent on food and wine at the Waterleaf. Who actually came up with that number?

Jean Kartje: the finance office.

Mazzochi: who in the financial office gave you this number?

Jean Kartje: my administrative assistant went there and pulled these numbers.