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CODFA President Jarman comments to BoT 02/09/2017

I was alerted to a recent article in the Glen Ellyn Patch about plummeting property values by our president. As the name suggests, Patch is a patchwork of miscellaneous stories and announcements of often obscure origin. This story originated with a website called the DuPage Policy Journal. I know not this particular organ, but I discerned from the content that it is a mouthpiece for advocates of lowering taxation. I admit that, at certain times of the year, I find myself in that camp. The objective of the piece is to place the entire blame for the cited decline in home values on increasing property taxes (and in part blaming school districts for the never-ending increases in the levy). The article also projected that property values would fall further based on that trend, with the subtext being that property tax increases would be the main driver.
This paints a frightening picture for the casual reader and of course would mobilize residents to oppose increases in the levy for schools in particular. However, closer inspection reveals a grotesque misapplication of the data and extrapolations thereof that an entry-level science student should scorn. Different stories can be woven by selective manipulation of data. Draw a line from 2007 and 2015 is to go from a pre-crash peak to a post-depression low. Property taxes had nothing to do with that decline. by 2015 the country was in the midst of recovering from that earlier disaster.
To predict further decline going forward based on the 2007 – 2015 trend is completely unsupported by the data. From 2012 – 2017, property values have shown a steady increase and a continuation of that steady growth is predicted going forward. Of course, recent events, which have nothing to do with property taxes, could yet upend all that; but that is another story.
My concern here is that these kinds of articles can reach a wide audience and have the potential to influence public opinion. As an advocate for wise and informed investment of public money in education, such as at College of DuPage, I think it is important that the data around property values, which obviously resonate with district residents, be portrayed accurately.

CODFA VP Jarman Comment to BOT 11/17/2016

The Faculty Senate today unanimously adopted the following resolution:
“The Faculty Senate encourages its constituents to stand up and speak up for their students so that they will have a safe and affirming learning environment. We encourage our constituents to take action so that every student feels welcome and safe at COD.”

4/21 BoT Regular Meeting Post 4

Discussion of reestablishing the BTW continues.

Mazzochi-Currently on the table is Trustee Olsen’s amendment about striking language.


No — McGuire, Napolitano, Wozniak, Mazzochi.

Yes — Bernstein, Olsen, Escamilla.

Motion fails.

Roll: (on the substitution supplied by Bernstein)

Escamilla abstain

Yes — Bernstein, McGuire, Napolitano, Olsen, Wozniak

Motion passes.

7. Request for approval — retention of Clifton, Laren Allen to provide external audit services.

Public comment — only 2 minutes due to the late hour.

All public speakers pass due to the late hour.

Trustee Discussion — none

Moves to go into closed session.

Vote: all trustees vote yes.

Closed session begins.

Blogging is now over for the night.


BOT meeting, April 7, 2016 – #10 pres search discussion

All trustees have opportunity to comment on how the trustees should interact with presidential candidates. Support for public sessions as well as individual sessions. McGuire calls for board interviews in open session. Olsen says there should be interviews in closed session. Wozniak says open forum in addition to individual interview as well as board interview in open session.

BOT 10/22/2015 Agenda #14-16

14. Bell CDL – Asset Transfer/Capital Purchase
15. Trustee Expense Reimbursements
16. McAninch Arts Center Signage

#14 – brief exchange with administrator about valuing of large equipment and projection of numbers of students to be served through program expansion. Passes.

#15 – Trustee Wozniak asks why vote on this, never voted on mileage before. Chair Hamilton responds that transparency is the issue. Wozniak responds that as a taxpayer, people should be worried about large amounts of money, not small amounts. Bernstein replies that the monetary amounts are not material, it’s the visibility of the board because of the times we are in. Trustee Mazzochi says she does not necessarily support all of the reimbursements because they seem optional. Chair Hamilton says it should be considered to set a threshold rather than looking at picayune amounts.

Motion passes. Mazzochi votes no.

#16 – Mazzochi says that no renderings were provided. Asks where it goes. Responding admin says that it will go on a “bland” area of concrete. Goal is to reinforce the brand for the Mac in the arts. Only two bids came of an RFP sent to 17 companies.

Motion fails with Hamilton, Napolitano, and Mazzochi voting no.

8/20 reports to the BOT

Student Trustee report. Student Leadership Council and Roark are working on criteria for selecting students for academic committee.

Presidents report. Expecting 29,000 students on Monday. Opening convocation days have been a great thrill. Thanks everyone who worked through the summer. Our enrollment numbers are down slightly, but we have less decrease than comparable colleges. Thanks facilities, grounds, and custodial staff who have prepared the campus. Homeland Security Training Center is now open. There will be an open house in the fall. Also described the Center of Excellence awards given to the Chemistry department and to Graphic Design. Group award for service went to the regional center directors. Outstanding employee award was given to Diane Szakonyi, director of Learning Commons, very deserving.

Test Welfare Note Post

Weingarten Rights

Weingarten Rights relate directly to your rights in meetings with your supervisors. Weingarten Rights refer to your right to “engage in lawful concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid and protection.” These rights include union representation at meetings with supervisors. “Weingarten rights are applied when:

  1. an employee is subjected to questioning/investigation by a supervisor;
  2. the employee reasonably believes that the questioning will result in discipline; and
  3. the employee requests representation.

“When an employee requests union representation during an investigatory interview that the employee reasonably believes will result in discipline, the employer/supervisor has three lawful options:

  1. halt the questioning until the representative arrives;
  2. call off the interview; or
  3. tell the employee that the interview will be called off unless the employee voluntarily gives up his or her rights to a representative.

It is recommended that the employee never give up his/her right to a representative. The employee should specifically tell the employer he/she in not giving up his/her right to representation. If the employer refuses requested representation and continues the interview without the employee giving up his/her right to representation, the employer has committed an unfair labor practice under Section 14(a)(1) of the IELRA.”

(Taken from IEA Grievance Training materials)

If you have any questions about you rights under the CBAas well as Weingarten Rights, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Grievance Sub-Committee.

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